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2023 Comic Book Media Arts
Campaign Contribution Recipient

Pierre Givens, owner and founder of DANG Comics Group, professional artist who strives to create a platform and community for creator-owned comics. Dang Comics is an artist made company that will work to help and teach the building blocks of comic creation. One of our goals is to build a community of artists and creators up to production standards, to create their own comics. The platform will be a hub where you can post your work and have others read it. DANG Comics also helps with community promotion with media platforms.

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Pierre Givens Art Work - Digital Mural

S.A.A - Starving Artist Avenger

The Dang Show Podcast


The Dang Show podcast  is where we talk about Drawing, Animation, Nerd Topics, and Gaming. DANG Merch is an outsourced production company for stickers, tee shirts, etc, and various social media groups where you can  post your progress and garner inspiration from each other. Our main goal is to give the keys to success to the creators by creating a community that self-promotes, creates, and  publishs their own stories. 

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