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Tye Feimster, an art/business enthusiast and founder of the non-profit organization Watch Dog Graphics Inc. and The Starving Arts Campaign, boasts an extensive career history in Graphic Design and the publication industry spanning over 25 years.

He is currently partnered with Pride Communications Inc., dba Pride Magazine (a Charlotte, NC-based African American magazine), through his multimedia business, Watch Dog Entertainment LLC. Feimster initiated the non-profit Watch Dog Graphics Inc. in 2020, recognizing the art community's struggles due to significant shifts within the industry during that time, notably the pandemic and the acceleration of artificial intelligence. These phenomena have had crippling financial and spiritual effects on the art community. As an artist himself, Feimster experienced these challenges firsthand and decided to create a non-profit aimed at alleviating the financial burdens of passionate artists seeking to profit from their work.

The organization also aims to create hope, boost morale, and celebrate individual artists and businesses by providing monetary resources, advertising, promotion, branding, and exposure to the mainstream art industry and the world. In late 2023, he assembled a highly talented (art) board to join him in his mission to "Resurrect the Art Community." In 2024, the plan is to promote this vital organization in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas through various publications, social media, newsletters, promotional videos, and word-of-mouth marketing.


Art Background: His father, Tony Feimster, is a full-time painter & sculptor, and his mother, Dee Dixon has mastered the art business. So naturally, the creativity, art, and business genes course through his veins.


WDing a stylized black and white dog's face integrated into the negative space of a stopwa
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